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On the 2nd of July 2007 the Salvadorian police violently attacked a peaceful demonstration against the Neo Liberal policy of water privatisation of the Salvadorian president Elias Antonio Saca. The demonstration was organised by the rural community of Suchitoto.

The anti riot police used ruthless violence against women, children and men, whilst heavily armed military unit’s indiscriminately raided houses. This acts of violence brought back painful memories, of the Salvadorian repression during the civil war of the 1980’s.

The national civil police used plastic bullets and tear gas devices in order to repress and intimidate the whole community. A helicopter was used to spray plastic bullets against those who run away to hide to a near maize field, simultaneously the anti riot police brutally beat up the demonstrators.

Many people were injured by this savage behaviour which was directly ordered by Elias Antonio Saca. Fourteen people were arrested during these police repression. Some of the detainees were the representative of a Non Governmental Development Organization (NGO), known as CRIPDES, whom were on their way to join the demonstration of Suchitoto.

The prisoners were physically and psychologically torture, while they were transported in a helicopter on their way to the detention centre according to some of the accounts of the detainees. This brutality has already been condemned by Amnesty International and the Human rights organization.

President Elias Antonio Saca has instructed to use the anti-terrorist legislation against those detainees, a law which was passed by the right wing parties in the National Assembly in autumn of last year. The maximum penalty under this law is sixty years in prison.

The Salvadorian Social Movements has organized a unified response against such repression and draconian legislation. More than sixty organisations have called for the immediate release of the political prisoners without any charge and the fundamental Constitutional Human Rights to demonstrate and protest against the government Neo Liberal policies of privatisation.

As a result of a national and international campaign, four political prisoners were released while nine remain in custody facing long term imprisonment.

The Salvadorian social movement has called for an international solidarity for the immediate released of the political prisoner and to respect the right of free assembly and demonstrations.

Please Show your active solidarity by asking for the release of the political prisoner and stop the repression against Salvadorian people, fax or e-mail to:

1-Elías Antonio Saca, Presidente de la República de El Salvador (President of El Salvador) Fax: (503) 2243-7857 / (503) 248-9000
Or (503) 2243-9930

2. Ministro de Seguridad Publica y Justicia Rene Figueroa (Minister of Public Safety and Justice) c/o Elías Antonio Saca, Presidente de la República de El Salvador. Fax: (503) 2243-7857 Or (503) 2243-9930

3. Dr. Agustín García Calderón, Presidente de la Corte Suprema de Justicia (President of the Supreme Court)
Fax (503) 22439930 Or (503) 2243-9930

4. Lic. Félix Garrid Safie, Fiscal General de la Republica de El Salvador (Attorney General) Fax: 503 2249 8613


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y que paso con la ley anti terrorista??