Viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007
ALERT! HUMAN RIGHTS ALERT! From the HUMAN RIGHTS DEPARTMENT OF The Peace Center, Los Angeles, California

Human rights activits in Los Angeles have received numerous phone calls from citizens of Cutamay Camones in the state of Santa Ana, El Salvador, reporting a brutal and repressive attack on community activists, including reports of serious injuries and encarcertaions.

The reports came from people in the community and they
sounded desperate and full of panic.

The civil society of Cutamay Camones in the Department of Santa Ana, El Salvador are calling for international solidarity and a full investigation of the attack on their community.

There is a struggle in Cutamay Camones to stop the construction of a waste treatment plant, promoted by the mayor of Santa Ana, which will poison and taint the water supplies of surrounding communities. This project is now under investigation and the mayor of Santa Ana apparently wants to make sure the project goes forward immediately.
The international community is calling for authorities in El
Salvador to immediately investigate these attacks and take
appropriate action to stop them and hold people responsible
for them.

The Peace Center
Los Angeles, California 90048

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