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Abajo va la carta de denuncia a la visita de Saca a la bahia y la solicitud especifica de que la ciudad de San Francisco no declare el dia jueves como "Dia de Saca".

Telefoneen a los supervisores de sus districtos en San Francisco y directamente a la oficina del alcalde Newson.
RECUERDEN: no nos oponemos a que el titere venga a la bahia y lo reciban. NOS OPONEMOS a que se le honre y reconozca con la Declaracion que pretenden darle.

San Francisco, March 31st, 2008 ( Cambie la fecha por una actual )
Dear Friends from (name of the organization):
To our collective horror the City and County of San Francisco has plans to honor the visit of strongman Elias Antonio Saca, President of El Salvador this week. On Friday, April 4th, Mr. Saca will be received by Mayor Newsom at San Francisco City Hall and the “Day of Elias Antonio Saca” will be declared in San Francisco.
We find this recognition of Mr. Saca offensive and asked that San Francisco’s mayor and city council members withdraw their plans to honor this man. A sample of many reasons are: Pres. Saca’s disastrous economic policies, a continuation of 19 years of right- wing rule in the country, have deepen the extreme poverty of millions forcing 35% of the population to live miserable lives with two dollars or less per day and driven 3 million people  to migrate and search for survival in other countries, especially the United States; recent repressive anti-terrorist laws have been used to jail social sector leaders protesting the privatization of water, this is but one example of the many abuses and violations of human rights that occur daily in the country; another example is his present refusal to adopt the International Organization of Labor agreements allowing public employees the right to organize trade unions.
Mr. Saca has continued his predecessor’s support of the invasion and occupation of Iraq by sending troops to that country with the cover that they are carrying out humanitarian projects. 85% of the Salvadoran population opposes their government’s complicity in this invasion and El Salvador remains the only Latin American country with troops in that country. Thousands of Salvadoran former military and security officers are working for private companies in Irak and more are constantly being recruited through two recruiting offices permanently located in El Salvador.
Saca’s decision to circumvent the nation’s constitution using his majority of right-wing legislators to approve CAFTA speaks volumes of his anti-democratic and authoritarian practices to approve laws detrimental to the interests of the middle class and majority poor of the country.
It is safe to say that Saca’s policy for the working poor is to export them as cheap labor to the North and thus increase the money remittances the country receives. In 2007 Salvadoran immigrants in the U.S. sent 3.6 billion dollars to El Salvador, comprising 17% of El Salvador’s GDP, this amount also was larger than the entire nation’s budget.
San Francisco should not be honoring a man whose government’s program is to rule for the new financial oligarchy made up by a handful of families at the expense of the welfare of the majority of the population. Declaring April 4th the “Day of Elias Antonio Saca” will be an insult to Salvadorans and any peace and justice loving person of any nationality. Therefore, we, concerned Salvadorans, Latin-Americans and US citizens residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, are requesting you and your organization to send letters and call Mayor Newsom and San Francisco supervisors asking them to reject such ill-fated initiative.
In solidarity,
Red Ciudadana Salvadoreña

Here is a letter you can use to send to Mayor Newsom via email at:
[email protected]

Honorable Mayor Newsom,

As a San Francisco resident, I am appalled to read in today?s Prensa Grafica (3/30/08) that you will be honoring Antonio Saca, President of El Salvador, given all that is known of him.  He represents the highest authority of ARENA, the party founded by neo-Nazi Roberto d?Aubuisson, which is responsible for the murdering of tens of thousands of Salvadorans.  The most flagrant cases of crimes against humanity, such as the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the rape and murder of four U.S. nuns, the massacre of six Jesuits at UCA, are directly attributed to ARENA and its governmental death squads.
It is not surprising that the government of El Salvador is the only government in Latin America that continues to keep troops in Iraq, since Antonio Saca has yet to comply with the rulings of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. If you truly are against the war in Iraq and the violation of human rights, you would not throw your support behind the likes of such a stalwart supporter of George W. Bush.  I urge you not to pay homage to Antonio Saca on April 4, for to do so would diminish your stature and bring shame upon the City of
St. Francis.

Thank you,

Please forward this message.

Felix Salvador Kury
Director, Cuba Educational Project
Faculty Advisor, Clinica Martin-Baro, UCSF-SFSU
San Francisco State University
College of Ethnic Studies
1600 Holloway Avenue, PSY 111A
San Francisco, CA  94132

Chichicaste. El Salvador

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