Martes, 02 de diciembre de 2008
Barack Obama habla sobre LatinoaméricaImpact of Obama victory in El Salvador; Open letter to president elect regarding upcoming election in El Salvador

The victory of Barack Obama in the United States was heralded in El Salvador, where people celebrated the end of 8 years of Republican rule. Perhaps most importantly, Obama’s victory was a major blow to the Salvadoran right-wing which has depended on a tight relationship with the Bush Administration to remain in power.  Many Salvadoran social movement leaders recognize that Obama’s victory only represents a possibility for change and that much work remains to be done to bring about a significant shift in US foreign policy.

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections in El Salvador (which includes the Share Foundation, CISPES, US-El Salvador Sister Cities, and Voices on the Border) is collecting organizational signatures for an open letter to president-elect Barack Obama related to the upcoming elections in El Salvador.  The letter calls for US neutrality and non-intervention in the elections, and asserts that immigration policy will not be affected by the results; it also pledges that the undersigned organizations will take action should the State Department or Congressional members attempt to sway the results of the elections.  The letter can be downloaded at :


We hope to get this letter published in the main newspaper of El Salvador during the first week of January 2009.  If your organization wishes to sign on to the letter, send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  or call 202 521-2510 before December 20.  This is an organizational sign-on letter and not meant for individuals.

We also hope that organizations signing the letter can make a contribution towards the cost of the paid ad in El Salvador.  For local groups with a budget less than $50,000 we’re asking for a contribution of $50; for national organizations with a budget between $ 50,000 and $ 200,000, we’re asking for a contribution of $100; for those with budgets over $ 200,000, we’re asking for $ 150 - $ 300.

Tomado de CISPES

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Mi?rcoles, 03 de diciembre de 2008 | 14:53
pobres cerotes

no sean lambiscones ni chupa pitoss
Mister Obam ni pedos les va a tirar a los frentudos....

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Mi?rcoles, 03 de diciembre de 2008 | 15:12
duerme so?andoooooo

mejor dejen de darse paja y hagan algo constructivo. Si bien es cierto sos deportado y pensas que te te a llevar a USA ,,,,ESTAS PENDEJO COMPADREEEE

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Mi?rcoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008 | 11:34
las elecciones son un tema muy compicado, pero de algo hay que estar seguros el cambio no esta en el fmln, es como manejen las conexiones con otros paises y arena hasta ahora ha abierto nuevos aliados en el mundo entero en beneficio de nuestro pais y su pueblo, asi que pregunto?????????

el fmln lograra ganar?????????

lo dudo ya estando en el poder el cambio se les va a olvidar....
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Martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008 | 9:51
vamos con todo rodrgio avila presidente del empleo